5 Ways To Make A Smaller Living Room Look Bigger

Living room furniture dubai
Living room furniture dubai

Hey folks! Do you ever look at your living room and wonder why it looks so congested or if the space is too tight or is there a lack of appropriate lighting which is causing it to feel compact? To answer all such questions, we’ve come up with fantastic ways to make a living room look bigger, lighter, and brighter – and we don’t mean by going minimalist and painting everything with dull colors – although that works quite well.

From options that include white ceilings, light wood flooring and not having fussy window treatments to clever ways with mirrors, these crackerjack tips will be useful if you are looking for small living room ideas that are purely space-enhancing.

Choose A Simple Colour Scheme

The elementary aspect to remember when designing a small living room is to ensure all tones stick to the same color palette – thus creating flow throughout the room. It is recommended to emphasize the importance of creating a cohesive space that brings about all the pieces together. Any lighter neutral that feels bright and fresh like a muted sage green or light beige can have a similar effect. When it comes to the color of the furniture, a bright color will always accentuate the size of the object since it attracts more attention. All and all, maintain a limited color palette on the walls, as too much visual distraction will clutter up the room, but also have a bold color or accent piece to jazz up the room and make it seem bigger.

Pull Your Furniture Off The Walls

Although it can be enticing (in any sized room) to push all your pieces of furniture up against the walls to create more floor space in the center of the room, however, all that empty space in the middle of your room is doing you and your living room no wonders. Reconsider your furniture layout by bringing a couple of pieces off the walls, even if by only several inches. Visualizing the space between the wall and the sofa will instantly create an illusion of fairness in the room. Moreover, furniture ought to be fairly close to each other to create comfortable conversation zones. If you can’t pass the popcorn bowl from the sofa to the chair or reach the coffee table to put your drink down, it’s high time you cozy up your living room and bring the furniture pieces closer.

Let The Light In

Natural light can help make a space feel larger and breezier, therefore dot inhibits any natural light source you have. Omit the dark curtains that cover most of the window and don’t place a large chair right next to the window. You could go entirely treatment less in your living room or install a straightforward shade if you need privacy. If you are fond of the look of the curtains, be sure to hang the rods as close to the ceiling as possible and keep the curtain panels out of the window frame, which will make the room appear taller and your windows bigger.

As for your electric light resource, don’t depend on a single ceiling light. Any parts of the room left in shadow will recede from view, making the room feel smaller. Try to incorporate floor and table lamps to bring in several light resources and create a layered, warmly lit space.

Choose appropriately proportioned furniture

An excess of smaller seating and storage pieces can make your room feel cluttered and cramped. Don’t hesitate to use bigger pieces in smaller rooms, but don’t oversee the difference between appropriately big and too big, because when something looks too big for a space, it makes the space look congested. Oftentimes, it’s not the piece of furniture itself but its style of it. A sleek, low-armed sofa will look slimmer than the cushy, overstuffed one. The same is the case with armchairs, skip the three-foot-wide club chair for a narrower accent chair that serves the same purpose but with a smaller footprint.

Use your walls wisely

When you are short of square footage, you probably want to take advantage of the vertical space, that is your walls, as much as possible. Hang shelves up to accommodate books or plants to give it more of an aesthetic look. It also draws attention up there and makes the ceiling look taller. And if you want to merge in a big statement piece, make it artwork or a strategically planned mirror.

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