6 Ways to Protect Your Wooden Furniture during Rainy Season

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How To Protect Wooden Furniture In Rain?

If you have got a special fondness for wooden furniture, then you must always be worried about ways to protect Wooden Furniture In Rain, How to retain its polished appearance, and avoid structural damage and the series of questions goes on and on because wooden furniture requires particular care. Even the tiniest dent or rougher spot can drastically alter the appearance and feel of your prized possessions. 

Everyone enjoys the monsoon climate, but it does have some drawbacks. The piece of furniture in our houses, as well as other beautiful things, may be subjected to the impact of summer rains. They can be harmed in the water; therefore they must be handled with care during the months.

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In this blog, we’ll educate you on 6 6 Ways To Protect Wooden Furniture In Rain during the monsoon season. 

Regulation of moisture:
Home furnishings upholstery has the capability to attract moisture from the sidewalls, causing the wood to decay. To avoid water damage during the rainy season, pull your sofas, mattresses, closets, or cabinets six inches away from the windows. Keep the windows open when it’s not drizzling to let the light in. This will help to reduce the amount of humidity in the space.

Naphthalene Balls:
Naphthalene balls are an excellent technique to keep bugs out of your clothes. They are very excellent at moisture absorption. As a result, you can store them in your closets or drawers. If naphthalene balls aren’t your thing, leaves or garlic as a natural substitute.

Make sure your spaces are sufficiently vented to keep the entire home hygienic and clean. To reduce humidity, allow fresh air to enter the space. You can also carry a humidifier to help keep your rooms dry.

Damp Cloth:
When cleaning furniture pieces, never use a damp cloth since the wood will absorb the dampness from the fabric. When cleaning, always use a dry towel and wipe it down often. Keep in mind that dust absorbs moisture as well, so it isn’t always a negative idea.

Polishing and Waxing:
Always ensure to just apply a small coating of wax at a time, followed by another light coating. Wood polishes and furniture oils apply a protective barrier of silicone oil to the wood.

Vacuum Cleaning:
Start by vacuuming the piece of wooden furniture using a soft brush attachment to remove any mold or mildew. Using a cloth bathed in soapy water, wipe off the surface. Clean with a dry cloth after rinsing. Apply a layer of wax to protect the surface after that.

To increase the lifespan of your wooden furniture, make sure you try to implement all the above steps into your lifestyle. Apart from this, if you have any more queries regarding our furniture, feel free to Contact us 

I hope you find this helpful. How do you Protect Your Wooden Furniture during Rain? Edvant your answer down below the comment section.

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