7 Tips for Maintaining and Preserving Wooden Furniture in Dubai

Wooden furniture in Dubai
Wooden furniture in Dubai

Wooden furniture can increase the appeal and add warmth to any home or office space. In Dubai, where modern architecture and design are celebrated, the demand for high-quality wooden furniture has skyrocketed. Wooden furniture in Dubai, if maintained and preserved properly, can provide your home with long term beauty.

We have shared a few tips with you on how to care for your wooden furniture in Dubai.

1. Protect from Direct Sunlight

Dubai is blessed with abundant sunshine, but direct sunlight can be detrimental to wooden furniture. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause fading, discoloration, and even warping or cracking. To prevent this, position your wooden furniture away from direct sunlight or use window treatments like curtains or blinds to filter the harsh rays.

2. Maintain Ideal Humidity Level

Dubai’s low humidity levels can cause wooden furniture to dry out, leading to cracks, splits, and other damage. Purchase a humidifier or put bowls of water close to any wooden furniture in your Dubai home to raise the humidity in the air to counteract this. To maintain the best possible condition for your wooden furniture, try to maintain a relative humidity level of 40% to 60%.

3. Dust and Clean Regularly

Dust and dirt can accumulate quickly on wooden furniture, especially in Dubai’s arid environment. Regular dusting and cleaning are essential to prevent scratches, stains, and the buildup of grime. Use a soft, dry cloth or a microfiber duster to remove surface dust, and clean with a mild soap solution or wood cleaner for deeper cleaning.

4. Condition and Polish

Over time, wooden furniture in Dubai can lose its natural luster and become dry and dull. To restore its beautiful shine and protect the wood from cracking or splitting, use a high-quality wood conditioner or polish. These products nourish the wood and create a protective barrier against environmental factors.

5. Rotate and Rearrange

To prevent uneven fading or wear, it’s essential to rotate and rearrange your wooden furniture in Dubai periodically. This will stop uneven aging or discoloration by ensuring that all sides of the furniture receive equal exposure to light and use.

6. Avoid Harmful Chemicals and Heat Sources

When cleaning or maintaining your wooden furniture in Dubai, avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the wood’s finish and surface. Additionally, keep your wooden furniture away from direct heat sources like radiators, fireplaces, or intense sunlight, as excessive heat can cause warping, cracking, or discoloration.

7. Consider Professional Cleaning and Restoration

If your wooden furniture in Dubai has sustained significant damage or requires a deep clean, consider seeking professional cleaning and restoration services. Experienced professionals can expertly clean, repair, and refinish wooden furniture, restoring it to its former glory.

You can rest assured knowing that your wooden furniture will keep shining and maintaining your home’s aesthetic. Apart from proper care and maintenance, the quality of wooden furniture also plays an important role in determining its longevity and durability. Always invest in reliable providers to buy high-quality and durable wooden furniture in Dubai.