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Quality office chairs elevate you to first class since they are made to support your body pleasantly over an extended time, unlike many inexpensive office chairs that make you feel cramped into an agonizing economy seat on a cross-country flight. Sitting in an office chair without appropriate back support can put a lot of strain on the lower back for many people who work in an office environment. This is partly because sitting without back support frequently results in poor posture, which strains the soft tissues and joints in the spine and sitting causes the lumbosacral discs to be loaded three times more than they are when standing. Many people’s lower back pain is aggravated or caused by sitting in an office chair. Long durations of sitting are a common part of today’s lifestyle, whether it is at work, during the commute to and from work, while watching TV or using a computer at home, while watching children play soccer, etc. Poor postural habits, such as hunching over or slouching in the chair, tend to develop easily and can create major postural and back problems. At Creative Furniture, we ensure to manufacture and provide premium quality office chairs in Dubai. Here are a few factors to keep in mind before purchasing an office chair in Dubai.

Rotate freely:

Any ergonomic or traditional chair should be simple to rotate so that the person can reach various workstation components without straining. When selecting an office chair, consider ergonomics because it will have a significant impact on health. Regular users of an office chair should be able to adjust it so that they can sit comfortably, reducing stress on their joints and back. Office desk chairs should be adjusted such that the feet can rest comfortably on the floor with the knees bent at a 90-degree angle, somewhat lower than the hips. To maintain a comfortable posture and allow the elbows to rest openly between 90 and 110 degrees, the armrests should be set at the same height as the desk offering lumbar support and/or a seat depth adjustment to aid in stopping slouching. The choice of foundation can significantly affect the chair’s appearance, stability, and mobility. An ergonomic office chair must have a swivel star base with casters since it provides good movement and stability. For simple height adjustment, many have a lever-operated gas lift. Less frequently used office chairs might not require casters or be height-adjustable. Instead, they might have a fixed base arrangement with a central support, a sled base, or four legs. The amount of movement needed will depend on how frequently and how the chair is used.


Armrests on office chairs should be adjustable. They ought to let the user’s shoulders unwind and their arms rest peacefully. While typing, the forearm shouldn’t be on the armrest; rather, the elbows and lower arms should rest lightly. Armrests are supposed to assist while seated, just like back support does. Our arms are frequently raised while using a computer, necessitating brief rests throughout the day. For continuous arms support, armrests on ergonomic office chairs should be height-adjustable so they can be placed at the same height as the desk. Some can even be folded up vertically when not in use, or they can be adjusted in angle for added comfort.


12 to 19 inches should be the width of the backrest on an ergonomic office chair. It should be possible to alter the backrest’s height and angle if it is independent of the seat. Again, with a particular focus on the adequate support of the lumbar region, it should be able to accommodate the spine’s natural curve. If the seat and backrest of the office chair are attached as a single unit, the backrest should be movable in both the forward and backward directions, with a locking mechanism to prevent it from moving too far behind once the user has selected the proper angle. It’s crucial to support the lumbar spine curve when sitting for extended periods. For a better fit, an office chair should ideally include a lumbar backrest that is height, depth, and angle adjustable. A few chairs on the market even have the back support divided into two pieces for enhanced back support on either side.
For activities that need for maintaining arm and upper body mobility, low and mid-back rests are preferable. Depending on the task, a back rest may not be necessary. To prevent slouching, high backrests must evenly support the upper and lower backs. These rests are better suited for reclining. To support the head and neck, some office chairs even have adjustable headrests.

Seating material:

There should be ample padding on the seat and back of the office chair for long periods of time-consuming sitting. A breathable textile material is preferable over a tougher surface. Office chairs’ frames are typically made of metal, wood, plastic, or a combination of these materials. The office chair’s weight and design can be significantly influenced by the frame material. The type of upholstery and materials used can alter the chair’s level of comfort, durability, and simplicity of upkeep. Hardback office chairs are simple to maintain but less comfortable to sit on for extended periods. The majority of upholstered chairs have foam padding. The support and tactility can greatly vary depending on the fabric’s quality and the foam’s density.

Seating depth:

The seat height of office chairs should be simply adjustable. The simplest way to achieve this is via a pneumatic adjustment lever. For the majority of people, a seat height of between 16 and 21 inches off the ground should be enough. This enables the user to sit with feet flat on the ground, thighs horizontal, and arms at a desk-height angle. To support any person comfortably, the seat should be wide and deep enough. The standard is typically 17 to 20 inches broad. The seat’s depth (measured from front to back) must be sufficient to allow the user to lean back on the ergonomic office chair’s backrest while still leaving 2 to 4 inches between the backs of their knees and the seat. The seat should have an adjustable forward or backward tilt.


Remember the aforementioned considerations while buying an office chair in Dubai. Given that you spend most of your time sitting in an office chair, it is essential to choose one that is comfortable. Visit to get the best office chairs in Dubai.

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