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Your bed is certainly one of the most vital parts of your life. Humans tend to spend one-third of their lives sleeping, therefore it is of no donut that your time crashing can have an effective influence on your day-to-day routine. Our beds, consequently, are the pivotal factor as to how we spend our days. If you are deprived of a comfortable place where you can take your time off and relax, you could find your day affected much more than you would expect. Moreover, you are missing out on one of life’s most precious moments – SLEEPING!.


This blog will surely be a ray of light if you are unable to find comfortable beds with the most top-notch quality yet economical costs. Creative furniture intends to work just according to the clients’ needs but does not leave its customers in disguise. We try to exceed our expectations and our full focus is to be better than we were yesterday. It’s what basically keeps customers so much in love with us!.


Two of the most in-demand beds – bunk beds and trundle beds, can be much more advantageous to you and your kids especially than you would realize. Today in this blog we will cover all the factors why bunk beds and trundle beds can be investment-worthy.



Choosing an appropriate bed for your children can be, at times, a challenging task. But with CREATIVE FURNITURE’S guidelines and expertise, you will eventually find the perfect bed for them. If you’re eyeing a brand new bed for your baby girl or baby boy, there is a wide range of modern and stylish bunk beds on our website where you can freely choose your favorite one from. If you’re still unsure whether or not investing in bunk beds is the right decision or not, then the following are some great benefits of bunk beds for you.


  • They are scrimping – one of the cardinal benefits of bunk beds is that they can help you save money. If you and your sibling are sharing a room then instead of spending much more money on two different beds, isn’t it better to just purchase one bunk bed and in turn save plenty of the bankroll This way you can save money in the long run and allow you to save for other pieces of furniture and toys that your children might need in their bedroom?
  • They are roomy – one of the biggest advantages bunk beds have is that they are commodious – very spacious. They can provide you with extra floor space which your child will require for playing. Even more, space can be saved by installing other furniture like desks and chests of drawers.
  • They can be customizable – as said earlier, CREATIVE FURNITURE tries its best to fulfill its customers’ requirements. Therefore, beds available on the website can be customized according to your child’s needs. Here at CREATIVE FURNITURE, our custom-built bunk beds can allow you the creative freedom to pick a bunk bed and your child will absolutely love it.



A trundle is a large platform on wheels that tuck under a standard bed to save plenty of space. The platform is designed especially to match the bed and maximize the use of under-bed space, while our experts at CREATIVE FURNITURE make it easy to roll out the trundle over hardwood floors or carpet. A trundle is usually twin sized is low on the ground and on wheels. A trundle bed is used for keeping an extra bed for emergency uses without taking up the space when not in need. There are some highly-regarded pros of having a trundle bed which makes it idealistic for your room.


  • More visual space benefits – a trundle bed practically disappears under a regular twin bed when packed away, unlike the regular sleep couches. If you opt for a low mattress, you can often leave the trundle bed made-up with a comforter and several pillows, saving even more time when you need to get it ready urgently. This makes them a dual-purpose bed – an extra bed as well as acts as a storage drawer.
  • Cheaper than regular beds – even though a trundle bed costs more, it’s relatively cheaper than having two separate beds. Two beds will cost you almost double the cost of one trundle bed. Therefore, to be light on your pocket, it is always better to invest in a trundle bed instead of other kinds of beds which, not to forget, have their own benefits but not the ones you get in a trundle bed.


We, at CREATIVE FURNITURE, aim to provide our precious customers products which will be prominently distinguished if compared to other leading companies. Our taste of designs, textures, shapes, and most importantly premium quality surely is the deal-breaker.


For further details about the products, contact https://creativefurniture.ae/product-category/b00-beds/b09-bunk-beds/ now.

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