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For the past so many decades, every Hindu household has had that one place of worship where they can clear out all the clutter and get some mental stability, which in modern times is extremely difficult. One worship unit where you can purify your souls and get rid of all the impurities which you have gained throughout the day has to be ejected. By having temple in your home, not only will your house walls feel positive but your soul will also consider the positivity and peace that it brings out. Other than that, it does not only benefit your home but can also conveniently be put in hospitals, offices, cafes, restaurants, quite simply anywhere you want. 


We all are very well aware of the fact that how salient it is to worship the ultimate power, so the placement of the worship unit should not be left unnoticed. As it is said, choosing the correct spot for the place of worship determines the quality of our living as well. That’s how important it is to place your temple in the right position. 


If you’re vehemently wanting to have a traditional yet modern temple in your habitation CREATIVE FURNITURE has always been the master in giving unique ideas to its customer and quickly sorting out their queries. In this article, you will have the sheer education as to how to place your home temple, where to place it, what kind of temple designs can you go for? 


Certain objectives to keep in mind while placing temples in your home.


  • The appropriate height of the temple:- the height of the temple should always be in accordance with the level of the seating arrangements so that people of all ages could be benefited and take the blessings. More importantly, this is also very important because if it is beneath the sitting levels, it would cause disrespect to the lord. Therefore the basic thumb rule which has to be obeyed is that the idol’s feet should be above the devotees’ head. 
  • Why are wooden temples preferred over others:- according to Hindu beliefs, wooden temples are considered to be more felicitous for their home temples and thus many people prefer wooden temples over any other form of material used in the making of the temple. There are different options in woods as well from which you can choose your favorite ones like Sheesham Wood, Teak Wood, and  Mango Wood.
  • Where to place the temple (direction):- according to the values of Hinduism, placing the mandir at the north-eastern or eastern corner of your home is considered the most sacred spot which fetches good luck to the house and its members. Not to forget that the diya should be placed in the southeast direction of your house.
  • Types of temples you can install in your homes:- if you’re looking for solitary temple designs for your home, CREATIVE FURNITURE offers the best wooden home temples for homes in Dubai. From intricate jali designs to modern mandirs made to fit in compact spaces, we have it all sorted for our beloved customers. Take a look at some of our superlative and first-class home mandir ideas.


Mandir corner with jali panels:-

if you’re the kind of person who loves jali panels to incorporate your worship place. This should definitely be the one catching your eyes. Whilst this design can pretty much fit into any corner of the house, its beauty would enhance even more if it is placed near the wood-finished tv unit. The sleek jali design just adds that extra spark while giving the whole traditional vibe to it. 


Carved wooden home temple design:-

this kind of home temple just needs that empty corner in your house which will eventually be glorified if you place this kind of temple in it. Place a compact pooja corner with carved wooden designs (with a spiritual dome as per the requirements). Having restful and soft-focused lighting would totally elevate the elegance.


Sleek pooja room in an open living area:-

if you’re hesitant towards having a temple in your home because it won’t fit well with the high-style and modernistic furnishing. Well, think again. You can turn a basic wall into a small mandir with just neutral color tones and pretty lighting to match the aesthetics of your living space.


Ordinarily, a temple is considered to be the most sacred place for the Hindu community, and that too if it’s placed in your own home, nothing should stop you from doing the best that you can. To make your task much simpler, CREATIVE FURNITURE will aid you in making the best wooden home temple in UAE and in any way possible to make sure that you devote some time out of your busy schedule to offer prayers.


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