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Your Pinterest board is definitely filled up to the brim with picture of sofa sets before you go shop an actual one. It’s evident that you’re looking for something that’s a real design statement. A timeless piece; a classic piece that doesn’t go out of style or doesn’t bore you. At the same time an article that has utility and functionality to it.

Sofas aren’t just furniture articles; they are center pieces of any social area, the one where everyone squeezes together. It is the functional focal point of any host of social gathering, somewhere conversations start. Discussions grow deep, arguments get heated and quarrels are solved. Sofa means coming together and it means comfort.

There is absolute emotional attachment to this particular furniture item hence a great amount of time is put to thought before shopping one. Sofas have been divided in so many different types on the basis of different functionalities and different styles.

This makes choosing the one perfect for you a little complicated so here is a guide by Creative Furniture. It lets you know all the choices you have of sofa styles to choose from:


Introducing Type of Sofa Sets

  1. Sectional Sofa: a multi-piece sofa with common number of pieces being 3 and 5. Sectionals are growing popularity therefore have different styles, materials and designs of arrangement including L-shape and U-shape. According to the set up you can adjust the size to getting either huge one or smaller one.
  2. Lawson Style Sofa: this has signature comfort-oriented design as the back of the sofa comprises of pillows separated from the frame. This one was designed to be softer and comfortable sofa, good for lounging around isn’t it and you could move pillows around for much comfort. Lawson style also comes in different sizes, colors and materials.
  3. Mid-Century Modern Sofa: mid-century modern furniture has had its own supremacy and if you think it went down, don’t be so sure. The design emphasizes on minimalism and clean lines. This one might not be the most comfortable but when you pair it with the right home design it looks amazing and has comfort to it too.
  4. Love Seat Sofa: love seat is basically a figurative word used to point out that the sofa is made for two people. Similar to sofas, love seats also come in different sizes, colors and designs. These create space in small living rooms and also help in creating cozy corners.
  5. Low-Seated Sofa: spanning multiple styles, this one is great for lounging. This sofa doesn’t come with much height. The seat is lower than 17 inches.


Visit Creative Furniture for Best Sofa Sets

There are so many more options when we talk about sofas and you can explore all those at Creative Furniture. Furniture store in Dubai has always been easily accessible and trusted with Creative Furniture. Hence when you opt to shop for sofa sets, the task is super convenient.

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