How To Choose Furniture For A Kid’s Room: Some Useful Tips

Kids furniture dubai
Kids furniture dubai

We all know that even before a child is born, parents start planning on what to buy for the child and how to set up the child’s room. While it may seem tempting to hoard all things cute in the market, it is not advisable to only consider how certain things look. There are a lot of additional factors that need to be considered when it comes to a child’s health and safety.

While everyone around you would advise you on sticking to neutral colors and designs that promise secret storage spaces, we think differently. We do not mean to negate the importance of smart color choices and storage spaces, but kids’ furniture is a lot more than that. After all, no one wants to take a risk when it comes to a child’s safety and development.

In this piece, let us talk about a few things you should consider when planning to buy furniture for your kids’ room.

What is the furniture made up of?

When choosing furniture for the kids’ room, you need to be wary of the material that furniture is made up of. Some of your best choices are natural wood, MDF, or plywood. The next step is to check the thickness of the material used. It should at least be 15 mm thick. Why? You do not want to go with something that is not durable. Imagine those wild instances when your kids are having a go at each other!

You should also keep an eye out for the hardware used for kids’ furniture. For kids’ safety, everything should be of premium quality and ensure it may not cause any injuries whatsoever.

If you are shopping for furniture online, make sure to get as many pictures and videos as possible, from all angles.

Finally, ask for certificates. Did you know that children’s furniture comes under a special category of products? It must comply with the rules set for the safe and normal development of children.

How ergonomic is a particular piece of furniture?

Always keep in mind how any furniture will fit in your kids’ lifestyle. Imagine your child using that certain piece and see what advantages it comes with in addition to being good in appearance. We all would agree that furniture is something that lasts with a family for several years. Keep this point in mind and go for things that are suitable for growing kids—at least for a wider age bracket. For example, a child hitting the third year of life should have a bed that varies in dimensions from 70х150 cm to 80х170 cm. If you plan on having wall-mounted shelves, consider your child’s height and how it will increase in the upcoming years. Anything that is beyond your child’s reach will be useless around the place.

Similarly, for a writing table or a desk, always go for a design and style that ensures your child can maintain good posture and eyesight. To understand this, go for a table for a child of 6-7 years that is 52 cm high, for 7-8 years old – 58 cm high, and for 9-11 years old – 70 cm high. For toddlers under 6 years of age, tables with a height of 40-45 cm are good to go.


How safe is the design of the furniture for your kids?

Your kids’ room is a place where your kids will spend most of their time. With younger kids, you must consider how safe is the style and design of the furniture as they may be left unattended in their room.

If you plan on refreshing the paint off walls or furniture, go for options that are based on harmless solvents, preferably water-based (acrylic, acrylic-polyurethane, or oil-wax).

Moreover, the hinges and mechanisms of drawers and cupboards should come up with soft closing runners so the kids would not pinch or hurt their hands.

If the furniture set up around your child’s room has wires or uncovered sockets, make sure to fix them first. The wires should be covered and the sockets should either be out of your child’s reach or should have protective covers on them.

Sharp edges and corners are a big no-no. check each piece for rounded corners and rounded edges.

Last word:

We know after going through this piece, you must be thinking how daunting it is to land with the perfect furniture for your kids’ room. We understand how parents wish the very best for their children but we aim to equally raise awareness on things that are of utmost importance when it comes to a child’s healthy growth and safety.

This said, for the best furniture buying experience in Dubai, consider creative furniture. It is by far one of the best choices as it has economic and perfect solutions that match everyone’s unique needs.


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