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What keeps guests comfortable in a workplace? Indeed a professional reception area to greet visitors. A reception is the main area of a workplace and it should feel welcoming to the guests. Reception desks are the main highlight of a reception area. A reception desk should be alluring yet functional as it creates the first impression of your business. The selection of reception desks depends on the available space and purpose or area of use. Like, these desks are used for clinics, educational institutions, corporates, etc.

Reception desks may seem unimportant to indulge time in it. But being the front window of the business, these are highly significant as they create the first impression of your work. An impressive desk for the reception can make a difference among your competitors. These can either make or break the first impression of your business area.

Choosing the perfect reception desk in Dubai is difficult. Unsure makes it hard to choose the right desk. Before selecting, ask yourself what you need and what could be the best choice according to the available space. Still, if you don’t know what to consider then visit Creative Furniture. They are a leading name for innovative furniture in Dubai.


What size would be the best?

Reception desks should be attractive in appearance but what is more important is the space available for placing them. A large desk for a small area would occupy all the space and vice versa. The number of receptionists to be seated also matters while selecting the size of the desks. The height of the desk should be of standard size so it could be easily usable by the visitors.

What shapes would be more representative?

Reception desks come in a variety of shapes like single desks, round, L-shaped, U-shaped desks, etc. Creative Furniture has all the unique-shaped reception desks that would make your reception area look adorable. You can visit Creative Furniture to choose the most appropriate desks for your workplace.

Reflection on your work:

A reception desk should show the type of business or represent your work. When choosing the desk make sure to set it in a way that it builds a remarkable impression in your visitor’s mind. You can use the logo of your business and unique colors to represent your work.

Material of the desk:

The material of the desk is crucial to check whether it is durable or functional for a long time. The cleaning of the desk also depends on the type of material. Reception desks made of melamine, laminate, glass, or metal can be readily wiped by dry or damp clothes. Creative Furniture has the best reception desks in Dubai for your workplace. They also have diversity in materials of desks.

You can decorate your reception desks with extra accessories like pots or artificial plants. Make sure to choose the desk according to the work you want from the receptionist. If they need to attend phone calls the whole day then the desk should have space for that. Moreover, the PC setup, files, and other things are usually placed on the reception desks, so choose accordingly.

You can visit Creative Furniture for the aesthetically designed reception desks in Dubai. They have different kinds of desks with all of the best quality. The furniture there is quite durable. They never failed to amaze their customers with their high-quality furnishings. You can check their website to get more information.

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