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office furniture for sale dubai
office furniture for sale dubai

The company’s office equipment is a long-term investment. Furthermore, office equipment is just a company’s necessity and demand. Setting up a business is difficult since you must have high-quality items to separate out from the competition.

Good looking office equipment including meeting tables is not only necessary for the heads and executive but also for the employees that works hard in order to maintain the growth of a firm. An extra list of office equipment may be required depending on your company specialization and the clients or people you serve.

In this blog, we’ll serve you with the set of equipment that is necessary for your company. Before we unveil the list of products and their description let’s have short brief about our company’s profile.

Creative Furniture is a Dubai-based furniture shop that specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of affordable, customized, and modern furniture for the home, workplace, and other spaces. At Creative Furniture you will find an extensive range of luxury office desk sets to choose from.

Office Set Styles

The furniture in the luxury office desk sets category is color coordinated, making it easier to match all of your office furniture to your workplace theme.

  1. Reception Desk
  2. Executive Desk
  3. Workstations – 1A Seater
  4. Workstations – 1B Seater (L Type)
  5. Workstations – 2A Seater
  6. Workstations – 2B Seater (L Type)
  7. Workstations – 3 Seater
  8. Workstations – 4A Seater
  9. Workstations – 4B Seater (+Type)
  10. Meeting Table
  11. Conference Tables
  12. Small Metting Tables
  13. Coffee Table
  14. Full Height Open Cabinets/Crockery Units
  15. Full Height Filling Cabinets
  16. Full Height Closed Cabinets


Workstations and Cabinets

Arian Design Workstation:
One of the most popular office desks in the Creative Furniture line is this Office L Shaped Executive Desk Table. Premium Wooden Laminate Finish is used for the top panel. Made solid from high-quality wood finish with adequate area for installing laptops and writing space, it’s ideal for working from home or any professional office setting.

Modern Conference Table in UAE

Walli Series Full Height Filling Cabinets:
One of the most popular luxury office desk sets in the Creative Furniture inventory is this Office Full Height Filling Cabinet. Choose this Unit to add some utilitarian attractiveness to your business space or public place in your home or commercial neighborhood. It’s long-lasting, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant. With an exquisite finish and a précised designed open able storage compartment.

Meeting Tables

Snow Module Conference Table:
The 10 to 14 person meeting table is crafted from strong Egger / Emilam / Danube boards in an excellent and contemporary style. The frame is composed of a powder-coated solid wood/metal heavy-duty construction that ensures stability and endurance.

meeting table online dubai

Meeting Table with Metal Supports:
Elegant and contemporary design beautifully constructed 10- to 14-seater meeting table in Egger / Emilam / Danube sheets. The frame is built of solid wood with a metal heavy-duty frame that is powder-coated for further durability. A wire management system has been built into the design.

Meeting Table for Office

For further information regarding luxury office desk sets or want to find more about office sets, contact us on our website at https://creativefurniture.ae/product-category/set01-set-house-designs/sof-00-office-set/

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