What Is the Price of Modern Coffee Tables in Dubai?

Modern Coffee Tables in Dubai
Modern Coffee Tables

Cost is a crucial factor to think about when looking for a modern coffee table in Dubai. Coffee table prices are influenced by several important factors. Knowing what affects pricing can help you choose a table that satisfies your needs in terms of both style and cost.

Material of the Coffee Table

The materials used are the main driver of the price. Most modern coffee tables are constructed using wood, metal, glass, or some combination of these materials.

Solid wood tables made from exotic and finely detailed types like mahogany or teak fall at the high end of pricing. More affordable wood options include particle board, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and wood veneers.

Metal-based tables also come at a premium, especially those using pricier metals like brass, copper, or stainless steel for the frame and legs. Glass tops, particularly tempered or frosted glass, add cost as well due to the specialized manufacturing processes required.

Quality of Construction and Craftsmanship

Beyond the raw materials, the construction quality and craftsmanship that go into a coffee table also significantly influence the retail price. Handmade tables produced by skilled artisans, especially those making custom-designed statement pieces, will be pricier than mass-manufactured factory pieces.

Details like sturdy joinery, smoothly sanded edges, polished finishing, and high-quality hardware raise the overall production value and thus the price point. Unique shapes, artistic carvings, specialty inlays, and other embellishments will also make a table more of an investment piece versus a basic budget buy.

Size, Shape, and Functionality

The size, silhouette, shape, and functionality of a coffee table also influence its price. Larger pieces with an expanded surface area make a bolder design statement and require more materials, thus pushing the price higher.

Intricate shapes like oval, kidney, and curved tables take greater skill to construct, again raising the cost. Integrated storage features like pull-out trays, shelves, drawers, and lift-tops add functionality that warrants a higher price tag versus a more basic open-top table.

In contrast, minimalist, compact coffee tables with smaller dimensions and simpler geometric silhouettes like squares and rectangles fall on the more affordable end of the spectrum.

Value and Investment

When evaluating prices on modern coffee tables available in Dubai, carefully weigh the quality of materials and construction methods used. While you will likely pay more upfront for premium materials like solid wood and finely crafted pieces, these higher-quality tables will also last longer and maintain their visual appeal over many years of regular household use.

Paying a bit more for a well-made statement table can be worth it as a long-term furniture investment, especially if it’s a showpiece in the main living area that anchors your room decor.

General Price Range

Leading furniture brands in Dubai like Creative Furniture offer you modern coffee tables at a range of AED 500.00 to AED 2,650.00, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Prices on modern coffee tables vary widely, with plenty of options across the spectrum to suit all budgets and style needs. Explore the furniture collection on the Creative Furniture website to get a sense of current price ranges and styles that appeal to your taste.

Measure the footprint of your living room or seating area beforehand so you don’t accidentally select an oversized table that won’t properly fit and function in your space. With some smart shopping and measurement, you can find the ideal modern coffee table to suit both your space and budget.