Return/purchase policy.

  • No Refund or Credit Note for any product shall be granted under any circumstances
  • Creative Furniture is an online furniture store that allows customers to specify the dimensions and material they want for their selected items.
  • Due to size and material variations brought on by site constraints or customer preferences, we will not accept any returns for any such product.
  • Creative Furniture is responsible for manufacturing the item in the specified dimensions with the materials and hardware information that the customer submitted on the Design+ Material Approval Email confirmation from the registered email id used to place the order.
  • If there are any discrepancies between the approved 2D Drawing and the product that was delivered, the customer is required to request a return and make the necessary corrections via their official email address.
  • Returns won’t be accepted because the materials are diverse; each piece might have unique traits, grain patterns, and markings. Additionally, certain pieces may feature oxidation, mineral stains, surface etches, natural knots, and line patterns.
  • Returns won’t be accepted for product installation joints or groove lines that can’t be avoided because of a product’s basic manufacturing specifications.
  • Customers are responsible for ensuring that all bespoke orders are exactly what they desire.
  • Only product finishing difficulties will be accepted for return, and in those cases, our staff will make efforts to modify and finish the product on-site if at all possible. If not, they will take it back and give it to you as soon as possible with all necessary concerns noted upon delivery.
  • The customer is in charge of making sure that returned goods are delivered safely. The customer is solely responsible for the return freight costs, and Creative Furniture accepts no liability for lost goods.

Defective and Damaged Returns

No Refund or Credit Note for any product shall be granted under any circumstances

Delivery Day

  • The client is liable to check the products as soon as are delivered to the location, to make sure it’s in the desired condition for installation.
  • Damaged and defective products must be reported right away to us via email/Whatsapp with supporting photographs.
  • Returns of goods with finishing problems must be made at the time of delivery, along with an email notification to info@creativefurniture.ae with the order number and proof of the problems.
  • If a product has finishing problems and is not returned at the time of delivery, Creative Furniture’s delivery team will pick it up and bring it back to its location; the cost of return shipment will depend on the weight and volume of each product.
  • You will be responsible for covering the cost of your own shipping for returning your item if you return it to the Creative Furniture Team’s specified location. There is no reimbursement for shipping fees.
  • Only the material will be sent out for delivery after any additional installation fees have been paid.
  • Our delivery team may offer assistance with on-site assembly upon request. You will have accepted the supplied products if you ask them to take the packaging materials with them after they’ve been assembled and will no longer be eligible for a return.
  • Once the product is installed, any faults or flaws that the client discovers later on the visible surfaces will result in additional installation fees if the product is returned for correction.
  • For products that have been installed, returns are not accepted.

Product Examination Timeline

  • All products must be opened and examined by the customer within 24 hours after delivery while still in their original packaging. If this does not occur, Creative Furniture is not responsible for any damage or manufacturing defects, and the order is not subject to a refund.
  • Before consumers can return items for damage, Creative Furniture must issue return permission, as stated in the rules above. Returns that have not been authorized will not be accepted.
  • Even if the item is broken or defective, the packaging needs to be kept for returns. If a product is returned without packaging, Creative Furniture has the right to deduct 25% of the total product value.
  • As stated above, all returned goods must include all attachments and be in their original packaging and condition. In no manner, shape, or form may they be modified, used, or altered. Additionally, they must be unmarked and in any way unassembled.
  • Packing must be kept for return even if the item is flawed or defective. If a product is returned without packaging, Creative Furniture is entitled to a 25% discount off the total price.


  • All “Creative Furniture” products come with a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing and material flaws under regular use within the warranty period. It does not cover any harm, issues, or flaws brought on by the owner changing the product in any manner.
  • A one-year guarantee covering manufacturing flaws is included with the products.

Warranty is not included for the following:-

  1. Small cuts, scratches, or damage sustained during cleaning are not covered by this limited guarantee. Neither are damages brought on by improper product installation.
  2. Crumbling as a result of random displacement.
  3. Products exposed to water and direct sunshine can cause wood to rot.
  4. Over time, solid woods may develop minute cracks known as checks; these checks are not considered flaws and are not covered by the warranty because they do not shorten the lifespan of the product.
  5. According to industry norms, variations in surfaces and floor levels might produce unevenness of up to 5 mm. There is no warranty in the situation.
  6. Upholstery covers and cushion covers are not covered by a warranty.
  7. Normal depreciation.
  8. Not using products in accordance with published Creative Furniture or manufacturer instructions and guidelines for use, installation, reconfiguration, or maintenance.
  9. Misuse, abuse, or mishap (including, without limitation, use of the product in unsuitable environments or conditions).
  10. Staining or staining of materials over time brought on by pointed or alien objects.
  11. The product is changed or modified.
  12. Scars, markings, or wrinkles on leather that appear naturally, such as alterations brought on by aging, exposure to light, or direct sunlight
  13. Change of color of fabrics and surface materials due to soiling, stains, or dye transfer from clothing, including denim.
  14. The substitution of any unauthorized non-Creative Furniture components for use in the place of Creative Furniture components in an integrated product solution, including but not limited to work surfaces, leg supports, panels, brackets, shelves, overhead bins, and other integral components.
  15. Only the original purchaser is covered by our warranty.
  16. Please get in touch with us to discuss the best course of action if you need warranty services for a product. Every case will be handled individually.
  17. All of the items in our collection are lovingly handcrafted by our artists; as a result, color variations, obvious joints, and uneven surfaces are not seen as flaws.

ious joints, and uneven surfaces are not seen as flaws.